March 15, 2012

Our chase vehicle was down for repairs. Storms were firing from our location to North into Michigan. Since we could not chase, we had no choice but hope the storms come to us.

Part one here shows intense thunder that occured with this storm. 

Part 3 is a wall cloud and funnel, possible tornado in the first few seconds to our east. With no car, we could no pursue it. 


Severe thunderstorm watch was issued and we decided to head out west to intercept a few rouge storms. We wasn't expecting much but came accross a nice shelf cloud. We took video and stills as the storm slowly approached us.

Little lighting was observed, however once the shelf cloud passed, winds gusted up to 40mph. Most of that video was blurry so we didn't post it.


A short video clip of a storm chase. One of the best lighting shots we have on video.


We decided to head out Mamuee Bay State Park and record the winds and waves from the effects of hurricane Sandy during our short free time we had. We had about 30mins of daylight left. Teresa recorded the waves while I took pics. This is  a time lapse of 20 mins of footage. 

 This is the second hailstorm of the day. As the hail let up, we observed a mesocyclone with rotation forming right above our heads. We tried our best to get it on video.

This storm later moved across into Michigan where it went tornado warned and dropped a tornado in Ida, Michigan.

This wraps up the "chasing" day. Storms continue to train over the house, producing torrential rainfall and sporadic hail.

The lighting show was amazing. Our camcorder was about to die but we did get some on video.


A small clip of the derecho that came thru Ohio. We were staged just north of Bryan, Ohio when it came in.


Our team intercepted a severe storm in Berkshire, Ohio (near Columbus). Filming outside. Winds gusted up to a max of 50mph (measured). It was very cold with the rain, wind and 55 degree temps. Hope you enjoy.