May 13, 2011

This chase occurred on our way to Cincinnati. Severe thunderstorm warning was issued. We encountered some heavy rain and some CG lighting.

May 25, 2011

A moderate risk for today as well as a tornado watch was issued. As soon as I got home, we tore south to intercept the cell in Hancock county. A tornado warning was issued for our storm, which we shot video/stills of a possible funnel cloud near Custar, OH. That dissipated, and we continued south to Findaly for the third storm. We encounter heavy rain, wind, and almost 1 inch hail in Findlay. Also got some vivid CG. Other areas of Findlay received baseball hail. We were fortunate to stay out of the hail core.

May 29, 2011

A moderate risk was upgraded for our area west. A Tornado watch was issued for NW Ohio and SE Michigan until 2000. Our team headed out at 1600 to intercept the storm in Fulton/Williams county. With the storms tracking at speeds up to 70mph, we were able to get out of the city and stage in Fulton county, where a tornado warning was in effect. We decided, according to radar data, stage at State Route 109 and county road L. We came across other chasers as we spotted a funnel cloud about 10 miles south of our area. This was pretty brief and became rain wrapped.

We encountered winds up to 50mph with heavy rain. Video was taken of the surf off the fields. Rain was almost horizontal. During the drive back we were on damage survey. We captured a photo of a almost dead tree blocking State route 108, just north of state route 20. Other damage occurred in various areas. 

May 14, 2011

On our way back to Toledo, we encountered a tornado warning for the Piqua, Ohio area. We decided to go on a little chase. We encountered several CG, winds gusting to an estimated 50mph and very heavy rainfall. Although the velocity scan was showing a very weak location, nothing was seen in the area. These storms were traveling at 10mph. Several reports came in seeing funnels It could have been cold air funnels, which lasted briefly.

We finally staged at a speedway, with a news crew behind us. We did see some good inflow, but that's about it. Also we meet up with some chasers along the way. Our first convergence of many this year. A good chase.