Early morning thunder woke me up. I looked at the radar and saw a pretty impressive cell appoaching our apartment. I decided to go out and film. This storm later went severe to the north. 

May 5, 2010

We traveled across four counties and back traveling about 150 miles and encompassing over many hours. We ended our day along the Ottawa/Lucas county border. We shot video using our photo camera here.

June 5/6, 2010

Severe damage in the area with at least 60 houses destroyed. Lake High School was destroyed just hours before graduation ceremonies. Cars and buses were destroyed. This was rated an EF-4. This was also the second deadliest tornado of the year.

June 23, 2010

This was a night time chase. Tornado watches were up for our location. We had storms to the North and West. We focused on the Northren storms, were we saw at least two funnels. 

June 27, 2010

Henry county was our stage area today. This clip is the gust front that came thru, just outside Napoleon, Ohio


June 27, 2010

Longer version of the stormchase from that day


July 23, 2010

Just to show you that all chases are not successful. This is a short video on a tornado warning that came up for Monroe County, Michigan. By the time we got up there in position, the warning was cancelled.


July 28, 2010

Short video on a strong storm with rain and wind. Teresa wanted to get the anemometer up, getting soaked in the processes. 

October 24, 2010

A brief chase, one awesome lighting and our chaser in training, Amy Flowers first real chase. With the rainbow added at the end, it was a very successful chase.