Update 01-27-19:

Our group officially announces our retirement due to ventures in a different direction.

We will sporadically update this page. 

Thank you all who supported us over the years.


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Ohio Convective Outlook for Today

SPC Day 1 Convective Outlook

 Last Chase:

June 4, 2016

We were out and about enjoying a trip to Camden Park in West Virginia. We also had a slight risk for severe storms that day. While enjoying the rides, we also kept an eye to the sky. I made sure my phone was fully charged before we went in. Skies did open up twice. The first was a light shower, but the second brought a line of non-severe storms. A nice shelf cloud passed over the park, followed by a 40mph gust front and heavy rainstorm.  

That lasted for about 20 minutes. The skies cleared and temps stayed cool for the rest of the day. It was also a plus because the park pretty much cleared out and left the rides to just a handful of people.

May 10, 2016

Again another day was a bust for Ohio. Southwest Ohio was in a Enhanced/Slight risk for the day.

The ingredients were there, all we needed was sunshine to trigger the storms. We had very little sunshine to do that. SPC did put out a thunderstorm watch for the very tip of Ohio. The main batch of activity was very far south along the Tennessee/Kentucky border.

Only a few severe thunderstorm warnings were posted for Ohio with little to no reports came in. I was stationed in Greendale, IN were we did have a storm go warned to our west and south.

All we got at our location was extremely heavy rain and quite a few cloud to ground lighting strikes after the rain had past.

Visibility was also reduced.

The atmosphere became really stable after the first round. We did get a steady rain off and on all night. Eventually, the watch was cancelled 20 minutes early.

Right at sunset, we were treated with a rainbow and an awesome sunset.

2017 Season at a Glance

03 Storm Days

03 Successful

2016 Season at a Glance

06 Storm Days

06 Successful

2015 Season at a Glance:

15 Storm Days 

15 Successful

Chase Career:

282 Storm Days

231 Successful


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