Michael Holt

Team Leader, Advanced Skywarn trained, CPR & First Aid trained, Photographer and Videographer. Amateur radio operator.

Michael began giving weather forecasts to his fellow classmates in 5th  grade (83). I observed lighting strike Lake High school in the 6th grade(84) . Ever since then, I have been fascinated with the weather. I began chasing in 1993 in the surrounded counties of NW Ohio. Since then, I have expanded to several states with great results

 Ryan Goodlett

Video-graphic/Photo-Graphic Consultant

Ryan has been on a few solo chases with great results as seen here.


 Chris Flowers

He has been on a few solo chases with great resultes.

Best chase so far was the Dercho back in June 2012. Chris go some great damage pics

 Teresa Holt

Advanced  Skywarn trained, CPR & First Aid trained, Photographer and videographer. Driver/Navigator.

Teresa's fancination with severe weather began at the age of 8 when she observed the F-5 tornado of Xenia, Ohio during of Super Outbreak of 74.

She began chasing in 2009 after getting certified as a skywarn spotter. She also has had Basic EMT training back in 1984.