May 31, 1998

A small chase in Wood county Ohio. My first video recorded storm chase. The main storm was 30 minutes south of my location and it was hard to keep up with. The highlight was a lone CG lighting shot.


June 12, 1998

This another stormchase that was documented on video during my first video year. It is a little long than usual. An edited version might come out. More to come soon. This chase was done in my first chase car, a Chevrolet Cavalier Z 24.

July 21, 1998

I decided to stay home for this chase. The TV shot was from Blizzard Bill Spencer when he was chief Metorlogist on NBC 24 in Toledo. The second half of the film is some of my greatest lighting shots to this day. I hope you enjoy.

August 21, 1998

 This storm produced a marine warning over the lake but nothing else. I decided to chase anyway. Got what it seemed to believe is a wall cloud, and some great heavy rain.

May 17, 1999

Afternoon "home" chase in Toledo, Ohio. Winds Gusted up to a measured 40mph. Some lighting did occur after the gust front passed. Little rain was observed.